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Mystery Dinner Nights

The Murder Mysteries are theatre events that are by invitation only, no audience (in other words, a private party.) They consist of 6 to 14 people depending on which scenario is being presented. There are some allowances for extra guests but the extras must pay a fee for sitting-in and for the dinner. The mysteries take place at the theatre house with the game and a full-course dinner being served. The menu is usually listed when the game is presented to the public. The fee is $30 per person ($25 for members), and advance reservations are required - usually 3 days. We will take into consideration if the participant has diet restrictions.

November 18, 2023

Archaeologically Speaking, It's The Pits
8 people

It is June, 1895, at the site of an archeological dig. Queen Victoria is on the throe and Arthur (Art) E. Faxe, the eccentric Englishman, had invited eight guests to participate in an archeological dig at a site in ancient Mesopotamia. Faxe and his guests take up residence in a picturesque military fortress along the Tigris River Almost immediately, rumors circulate of an important archeological “find”, but the excitement gives way to dismay when murder is discovered and the guests must
decide who amongst them has committed the crime.


GUEST LIST TERRA SUNDER (taken) - Terra is Arthur E. Faxe's daughter. Beautiful and enthusiastic, she enjoys to the fullest the social status her father's wealth and fame make available. Life is a constant round of parties, balls and social events and Terra has taken an active interest in the theatre, the arts and music. She has also enjoyed surprising success in designing fashionable lingerie for her friends which she has blushingly marketed under the name "Terra Sunder Wear". Married a few years ago, Terra now lives separately from her husband, Castor Sunder. She is close to her father and insisted on joining him at the expedition site, much to his pleasure. MAJOR GENERAL E. B. SAWTEDD (taken) - A soldier of considerable experience and skill, the Major General is a veteran of numerous military actions. During a previous command he led his troops on a forced march across miles of desolate wilderness to bring relief to a besieged British regiment surrounded by revolting native hordes. He has just returned from a lengthy tour of duty in the Punjab where he distinguished himself in the management of an unruly local population through frequent application of his favorite disciplinary device, the bull whip. The tale of his accomplishments has been set to verse in the emotionally charged epic poem, The Empire Stripes Backs, by Lloyd, Alfred Tenny's son. The Major General is always impeccably attired, sports a monocle and moustache, and carries a riding crop. Everyone calls him "Sir"! LESTER A. FAYRE - An American railroad tycoon, "Les" is rumored to be one of the wealthiest men in the world. He currently heads a corporate venture of American and European businessmen who propose to lay a rail line from the Mediterranean to the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley. The railway will provide a direct shipping route for goods that must now flow down river into the Persian Gulf before beginning the long journey to the European markets. Ruthless and calculating, Les is nevertheless known as a connoisseur of fine food and wine and has a particular affection for vintage cognac. Les and Faxe have participated in several prior business deals and close, if competitive, relationship exists between them. LADY MELLISSA N. LYNKE - Young, vital, enthusiastic and adventuresome, "Missy" is the heiress to the Lynke family fortune. Her father is, of course, Lord Chayne Lynke, Duke of Gayte, a man of great wealth and renown. She has returned recently from a world tour, travelling by diverse methods in wild and remote regions of the globe. Missy scarcely had time to repack her trunk when she and her friend Ashley decided to leave for a tour in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. There they joined up with the Faxe Expedition where they became entranced with the archaeological project and have joined eagerly in the work. ANNE T. ICKWITEE (taken) – Of ancient English country stock, the Ickwittees of Barfrumpshire, Anne is a very unconventional young lady. Her family and friends were startled when she entered-and won!- the Barfrumpshire Bathing Beauty Contest (posing in a bathing costume that revealed two inches of ankle) but she shocked them even more by distinguishing herself as an Oxford scholar and graduating from the Women’s College with honors. Her interest in archaeology came naturally. Her late father, Ian Ickwittees, was one of the early English "bone" men and discoverer of the famed Lopswich femur. Anne herself assisted Professor Herman Anasse at the dig in which he discovered the fossil now known world-wide as The Jawbone of Anasse. Anne is participating in the Faxe Expedition by special invitation of Art E. Faxe. HAMILTON MACTORR - Of Scots parents but orphaned as a baby, "Ham" was raised in England by a maiden aunt who read to him nightly from the works of Shakespeare, Bacon and the like. The experience ruined him for honest work and, at a surprisingly early age, Ham made his way into the theatre where he developed the expressive, versatile and realistic style that became his trademark. His work has been called "the quintessential example of modern British stagemanship". Arthur E. Faxe has taken an interest in his career to the point of financing some of Ham's productions and Ham has taken a leave of absence from his profession to join Faxe at the expedition site. ASHLEY R. SONNYSTE (taken) - A charming and vivacious young English countrywoman, Ashley has had to assume responsibility early in life. Due to her father's illness she has managed the extensive Sonnyste Estates - rich agricultural land and buildings situated in Southern England - for the past few years. Disastrously the estates were destroyed by fire and shortly thereafter, Ashley's father, Colonel Sonnyste died. Forced to fend for herself, she came to London where, by virtue of unwavering determination, the greatest of good fortune - and the insurance proceeds! - she made a place for herself in civilized society. Lady Mellissa Lynke has become a close friend and the two girls have impetuously set out on a world tour. CONRAD IVER - Intellectual, well-educated, aristocratic yet hard-working and clever, "Con" is Art E. Faxe's right-hand man at the archaeological site. He has participated in many other expeditions and is the author of several learned works on the subject of fossils - including the practical guidebook, "Archaeologically Speaking, It's The Pits". Educated at Oxford, Con distinguished himself there as an outstanding scholar and an athlete who, after college, played cricket and football internationally for England. Since graduating he has dabbled in business in London financial circles - where he has quite a following - and has also travelled extensively. Con is a member of London's most prestigious card club, The Gribbley, where he is to be found most evenings when he is in town.

Mardi Gras New Orleans

GUEST LIST VELVYT DUPRE – Pierre DuPre’s new wife from Las Vegas. Costume Suggestion: A flashy outfit that is as flashy as it is tacky. A feather boa is a must. Mardi Gras mask optional. JULIP DUPRE – Pierre’s socialite daughter and reigning “Magnolia Queen” at Dixie University. Costume Suggestion: You are a southern belle. Wear a gown with your tiara, a flashy Mardi Gras outfit. You might wear a feathered mask and gloves. YVETTE ST. CHARLES (taken) – The young, attractive live-in maid at Chateau DuPre. She is a third generation servant for the DuPre family. Costume Suggestion: A French maid costume would be the obvious choice. If you don’t have a maid’s costume, a little black dress or any outfit with an apron would be appropriate. Bring a feather duster as a prop. GOTHIKA (taken) – An eccentric novelist and Pierre DuPre’s next door neighbor. Her “Legion of the Doomed” novel series have made her a multi millionaire and earned her an international following. Costume Suggestion: A black dress or black pantsuit, a long black wig, dark make-up and jewelry. GATOR BEAUDREAUX (taken) – A hardworking Cajun boy who worked his out in the bayou and earned a full scholarship at Dixie University Law School. He is madly in love with Julip DuPre. Costume Suggestion: You are a “swamp rat” and a law student so you borrow from both worlds. Overalls and big rubber boots. A preppy college outfit mixed with a fisherman/outdoorsman outfit. Bring a net, a fishing pole, law books, etc. BOURBON DUPRE – A jazz musician from the French Quarter. Costume Suggestion: A tuxedo or simple slacks and a flashy button-down shirt. You may also wear an outrageous Mardi Gras costume with gold, green and purple. Bring a trumpet or saxophone. BEAUREGARD JACKSON – The DuPre family attorney and Pierre DuPre’s closest friend and confidant. You are also Julip DuPre’s Godfather. When you aren’t attending to the extensive legal affairs of the DuPre family, you are busy overseeing the extensive restoration of your magnificent Garden District mansion. It is your dream to restore Jackson Mansion to her former glory as she was before those Yankees invaded the South! Costume Suggestion: A slick southern lawyer might wear a seersucker suit with suspenders, or maybe a simple suit. Carry a briefcase with “important” looking papers. A cane would be very dapper for a southern gentleman, a dressy straw hat is also appropriate. Mardi Gras mask is optional. CAYENNE REMOULADE – The DuPre family chef and aspiring TV star. Costume Suggestion: A chef outfit with an apron and/or a chef hat. Remember, your motto is, “Turn up the heat!” Bring props and other things that relate to your TV personality! ALLISTER TOULOUSE – A free-lance bartender (Non suspect). Simple uniform of black slacks and a white shirt; dress it up with a bow tie or a Mardi Gras tie. A pair of fake vampire teeth might also come in handy… MADAME GRIS GRIS (GREE GREE) (taken) – A swamp witch who is well known in New Orleans. (Non suspect). A personal advisor to Pierre DuPre. For the past 20 years you have protected Pierre from his enemies and used your spells in increase his wealth. You are practically a member of the family. Costume suggestion: You are a flashy swamp witch who enjoys the finer things in life. You could wear all black or an African influenced outfit or you could wear loud jewelry, with your hair in a scarf wrap. Bring a voodoo doll or other voodoo trinkets as props. You like expensive jewelry that looks out of place with your ethnic costume.

February 10, 2024

Murder at Mardi Gras
6-8 people

The honor of your presence is requested at the annual Krewe of Midas Masquerade Ball. Our King, Pierre DuPre, and his Queen, Velvyt DuPre, look forward to seeing you at their Garden District Mansion for what is always the social highlight of the New Orleans Mardi Gras!There’s a big mystery in the Big Easy when the Krewe of Midas King, Pierre DuPre, is murdered! Which one of his “friends” or family is the killer? You are in for an evening to remember! Masks and costumes are optional, but everyone will have something to hide!

“Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!”  (Let the Good Times Roll!)

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