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Why become a member of the T or C Community Theatre? What are the advantages, benefits, perks, and general good things that go along with annual membership? 

Types of Membership


 Theatre Membership:          $20

Family Membership:          $30

Sponsor Membership:      $100*

All paying members have voting rights (family memberships two) and receive discounts to TCCT events with the exception of dinner theatres during plays. Sponsor memberships are available for those businesses who wish to provide in-kind services of $200 or more annually.

Membership must be renewed every April.

NEW! Mask Membership

Anyone who serves as cast/crew in a play also receives a "Mask" membership.  This membership grants you discounted rates to TCCT events for the remainder of the TCCT year, but no voting rights. This is an excellent way to sample being a member.


Do I need to be a member to audition or volunteer?

Nope! Anyone can audition, be on the stage crew, or volunteer for any of our productions, or in any aspect of the TCCT. Being a volunteer gets you a "Mask" membership for discounted tickets.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership run April 1 though  March 31. We do offer mid-year memberships, ask for details.

What does a family membership cover?

A family membership only covers people who live in your household. Spouses, siblings, children, long as you're under the same roof. Family memberships get two votes at meeting.

What about sponsorship?

Sponsor Members are for businesses who want to support community theatre. It's a minimum donation of $100 (or $200 or more in-kind services for the community theatre). In addition to the benefits of any member of TCCT, your membership is tax-deductible.

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