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Theatre Group

TCCT History

Truth or Consequences Community Theatre, Inc. has entertained thousands of ardent theatre patrons since its founding in 1991. It is the brainchild of two wonderful women, Clare Stark and Jennifer Watson, who envisions community theatre as a place for more culture in our community.

Through the years the group has maintained a level of entertainment that satisfies even the most critical audience, producing a wide variety of entertainment. Our repertoire ranges from hilarious comedy to serious drama, from classic plays to contemporary theatre, along with musicals and children's plays. We sponsor "An Evening of Mystery" games and perform short or one-act plays for local clubs & holidays.

Mission Statement

T or C Community Theatre

The T or C Community Theatre is a non-profit community organization dedicated to promoting performance arts throughout Sierra County, New Mexico. TCCT’s mission is to entertain, inspire, educate, amaze, and empower artists and audiences. We do this through:

  • Providing education in theatre arts to children and adults through plays, classes and workshops in all aspects of theatre performance, production, and management

  • Celebrating the achievements of our amazing volunteers and officers

  • Producing a well-balanced theatrical season of quality plays to please the public and our many valued supporters

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