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Presenting TCCT's
2023 Season


September 15-17, 22-24, 2023

Southern Fried Murder

By Billy Wayne St. John
Produced by Special Arrangement with Baker's Plays
Directed by Carol Anton

Way down south in Dixie, there's something's rotten in the cotton! Wealthy family matriarch Magnolia Capote has summoned her kith and kin to dinner in a fancy restaurant to discuss her will. But when Mrs. Capote is killed wither her walking stick, mayhem ensues and her possible heirs become involved in a treasure hunt to interpret the encrypted will! Actors are called about to mill about the audience during pre-show as well as serving dinner to the dining room patrons! Meals can actually be served during the show, or recipes can be substituted for food. The audience is totally involved in this mystery/comedy with one member actually recruited from the audience to play a small part, (This character gets beat to death with a frozen chicken.) The roles spoof Tennessee Williams' heroines, Bette Davis in "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte" characters from Tobacco Road, Truman Capote, and other denizens of the Deep South.

CHARACTERS MAGNOLIA DAVIS CAPOTE - 80s, the wealthy matriarch of a Southern family, stern, aloof MAGNOLIA WOODS - 40s, a granddaughter, genteel, flighty, disturbed MAGNOLIA (MAGGIE) ST. LAWRENCE - 30s, a graunddaughter, a faded Broadway star, conceited, wry wit MAGNOLIA (NOLIE) FROST - 40s, a granddaughter, harsh, grouchy, a recluse MAGNOLIA (STUMP) SLATTERLY - 20s, a granddaughter, pretty, trashy WILL SLATTERLY - 20s, Stump's twin, handsome, dumb, wrestles alligators BEN PARKER - 40s, a shady lawyer and ladies' man (not necessarily in that order) LOU(ISIANA) CAPOTE - 50s, Magnolia Capote's son, prissy, a writer A.J. WATKINS - 40s or older, a good-ol'-boy sheriff TERRY - the hotel manager

christmas holly

December 2023

The Miscreants' Christmas

by Bill Hand
Produced by Special Arrangement with Eldridge Publishing Company
Directed by Kyleen Coulter

Father Christmas has been kidnapped! And it's only a week ’til Christmas! Facing disaster, Mother Christmas calls the Council of Fictional Christmas Characters (who have developed some humorous quirks since their stories ended) to solve the crime in this comical Yuletide mystery spoof. With bright dialogue, plot twists and comic confrontations, this show is for everyone! Mother Christmas, Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Jack Frost, the heroes of O. Henry’s “Gift of the Magi” and the strange little girl Want from “A Christmas Carol” join forces to bring their Victorian-style Santa home again. Comedy ensues, complete with some acting opportunities for members of the audience, in this bright, colorful, comic Christmas whodunnit without a corpse! In between its five short scenes, the characters wander the audience, answering questions about the crime. And of course, the audience gets to take a crack at solving just what happened to Father Christmas.

TCCT's 2024 Season

March 2024      The Puzzle with the Piazza

by Mark Dunn, directed by Kyleen Coulter

Summer 2024   TBD

directed by Susan Wisdom

October 2024    Defying Gravity

by Jane Anderson, directed by Kyleen Coulter

December 2024 TBD

directed by Carol Anton
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